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Illustrated London News


The Illustrated London News from 1861-1865 is scanned and on line.

Included is an interesting article on the Chinese in California in 1862.



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Chinese in California

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1148, p. 585.
June 7, 1862

Chinese in California—There are 50,000 Chinese in California—viz., 30,000 engaged in mining, 1200 in farm labour, 2000 in trading, and 16,800 in washing, ironing, and in domestic service. There are 100 respectable married Chinese women with families in California. In 1861 the expenditure of the Chinese added three millions to the Californian exchequer. The Chinese miners are only allowed to work on claims abandoned by Americans. Out of 2783 convictions, only 168 were Chinese. One-seventh of Californian exports, exclusive of treasure, is to China, and last year three-quarters of a million worth of treasure was exported from California to China. Fifty-seven thousand tons of Californian shipping were engaged last year in the China trade. In some of the mining counties the Chinese form one-tenth of the population and pay one-fourth of the taxes.

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