Saturday, June 30, 2007

Solano Links


Dear Central Pacific Railroad Museum:

We received an inquiry today from a Patron re. the Porta Costa train ferry:

Dear sirs.
     I am reading a record of a trip taken in 1908 from Massachusetts to California and back by my mother, at age 16, and grandparents. My Grandmother kept a meticulous daily record of interesting events. At one point she writes about their trip on the S. P. R. R. from Oakland, CA., to Portland. She mentions taking a large train ferry at Port Costa to Portland, but I find no record of a "Port Costa" in Oregon. I presume this would have been on the Willamette River. Was there such a place in 1908, or what was the terminal from which that ferry departed? Thank you for your help.

We forwarded links from your website re. the Solano, and were enormously impressed with the depth, variety, and resources you have included in this website. What a fabulous resource! Thanks to all of those who have contributed to such a wonderful historic resource; the librarians here have enjoyed this as much as I am sure this patron will, reliving the experience of her grandmother, so many years ago.


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