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Visit the Grand Canyon by rail

"Riding the rails: Train travel becoming popular again" by GLORIA WILLIS, © THE COLORADOAN, DECEMBER 7, 2008. (News Article)

"... It was the train that gave rise to the relatively modern concept of vacations. ... the Grand Canyon Railway was reborn in 1989 ... The train was the lifeline to Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park in the early 20th century. It was the railroad, along with the Fred Harvey Company, that commissioned and built most of the historic structures that still exist today along the canyon's South Rim. In 1901, a handful of Grand Canyon village residents watched the first train roll to a stop at the rim, and the train became the lifeline to Grand Canyon National Park. Instead of a day or two of bouncing around in a stagecoach, a person could ride to the canyon in the relative comfort of the train in three hours. ... " [More]

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Palace on Wheels

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