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Coverdale and Colpitts

From: "Anthony Holloway"

Greetings. I am in England and have looked through your website with much interest. What a wonderful educational facility!

Unfortunately, there seems to be very little knowledge of American trains this side of the Atlantic.

I was particularly intrigued by vintage trains of the Coverdale and Colpitts collection as I have one in my own collection, but have no information on it at all. If you could spare the time to assist with any information, please, I would be very grateful. For example, do you know if they were reprints of earlier designs or specially drawn for the company? It would be interesting to know too when and why they were printed – if you should happen to know.

—Anthony Holloway


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...


These are mid-twentieth century reprints by the engineering and design firm, Coverdale and Colpitts. The original, nineteenth century originals, are very rare, but the reprints can still be found on places like eBay.

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