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Unknown plaster tile image of Train hauling Stagecoaches

From: "Paul Russell"

Was wondering if you can tell me anything about this image, such as the original artist, Wells Fargo Stages being hauled to ?, etc. This is a plaster of paris tile with this image carved in relief on it (probably taken from an old photograph or engraving). Any information would be appreciated.

—Paul Russell, Assistant Director, Plumas County Museum, Quincy, California

Unknown plaster tile image of Train hauling Stagecoaches


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

From: "Kyle Wyatt"

I believe the train is based on an old (1960s-70s?) advertising drawing used by HO scale train importer AHM to advertise their model trains. Their model Reno 4-4-0 had features like in the present art work.

Or part of some commercial paintings/drawings that were based on the models, done and widely distributed as prints (not sure whether AHM was involved in these directly). Note the straight stack and the knuckle coupler on the locomotive – too modern for any actual Central Pacific train hauling stagecoaches. I think the original art work featured more desert scenery – so the mountains here may be an addition.


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