Monday, June 04, 2012

"Four things start-ups must get right"

"Four things start-ups must get right" by Bruce Gibney and Ken Howery, © Today on Facebook, June 4, 2012. (News Article)

" ... A successful business usually begins with co-founders: The notion of a lone Edison willing a giant company into existence is rarely the reality. Almost all thriving start-ups have multiple founders, from the Central Pacific Railroad's famed Big Four in the 1860s to Google's Sergey Brin and Larry Page today. ... " [More]

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Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

Houston, we have a problem!

This insightful article about requirements for a successful start-up of a company is exactly right. A lone innovator usually fails at starting a company because a team of cofounders with a combined set of skills is needed.

The problem is that most ideas are thrown away because the innovator lacks the business and social skills to put together a team of cofounders with all the technical, social, and financial expertise needed to create a company. That is a huge and tragic loss for the world, that most great ideas never see the light of day.

Please venture capitalists, figure out a better way so that creating the team of cofounders no longer depends on the person with the idea having social skills and the type of knowledge of business that this article describes.

Posting an idea online on some innovations website, or filing a patent should be sufficient to cause a team of cofounders with the needed collective attributes for success to magically appear and coalesce around the person with the great new idea.

This is no small thing, as the rate of economic growth depends on the best ideas not becoming lost simply because the person who innovated lacks other skills.

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