Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hydraulic Mining in California

From: "John Weiss"
Hydraulic Mining in California

I am John Weiss, vice president of Friends of Kentucky Camp. Kentucky Camp is a mining camp in southern Arizona, built in 1904. (Now in the Coronado National Forest) This site used hydraulic monitors to capture placer gold.

Recently, an anonymous person returned a monitor he removed from the property about 30 years ago. Attached is a pic of the monitor (made by Empire Foundry in Marysville, CA). Needless to say, this was a tremendous event for us. This was the only known hydraulic gold mining operation known in Southern Arizona.

We are building a display for it, and are unsure how to position the 4"x6" counter-balance beam to the Cross at the gimble of the monitor. Do you have any inputs or suggestions? We would be most grateful! There is a collar about 1/2 way up the nozzle, with a swivel bolt and washer for the forward end of the beam (it's upside down in the photo). ...

—John Weiss

Kentucky Camp Monitor