Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jarrett & Palmer Upset

From: "Kyle K. Wyatt"

We all know the story about Central Pacific #149 (formerly Black Fox) pulling the Jarrett & Palmer special all the way from Ogden to Oakland without change. And we've all seen the photos at Wadsworth before the tender was repainted (but after the locomotive was repainted). And of course the photo of the crew and locomotive posed after the run was over. Then there is the Mammoth plate view of the train on the Oakland Long Wharf, and the more congested stereo view with the tender and train, but the locomotive cut off. So imagine my surprise when looking at a Gerald Best enlargement of half of the stereo card, when I notice the number on the tender - #124, not #149. And the #124 tender is painted in "modern" style.

So a couple of possible scenarios occur to me -

1. They swapped tenders for the run, using the tender of #124 behind loco #149, and then renumbered the tender before the photo with the crew in Oakland. CP #124 is a Globe 4-4-0, not to be confused with the Schenectady #149 loco.

2. There is one stereo that I have not seen a print of - Watkins #3320, which shows the yard engine. Is the yard engine perhaps #124?

Anyone have any other thoughts?


Jarrett & Palmer Upset

Jarrett & Palmer Upset

Jarrett & Palmer Upset

Jarrett & Palmer Upset

Jarrett & Palmer Upset

Jarrett & Palmer Upset


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Kevin Bunker"

"Things keep getting curiouser, and curiouser," said Alice...

Good find, Kyle. I can't offer any more concrete thoughts, though. Any chance the 149's tender ran lame somewhere around Sacramento on the day the J&P Special passed through, and was quickly substituted? If the engine crew knew of difficulties, they could have had a station agent east of Sact'o wire ahead to have a tender out of the freshly-shopped lineup, which then could have even been fueled and watered in advance and put alongside the depot. I might expect (if such were the case) that the newspapers might have ignored a substitution to save face, given the speed record significance and relative national publicity of the trip.

Just a wild-March Hare guess, this...

—Kevin Bunker

9/27/2012 11:20 AM  

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