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Southern Pacific Locomotive #2584

From: "Chris Graves"

I recently acquired the builders plate for an SP locomotive, #2584. This locomotive was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in March, 1906; the Baldwin number is 27710. With the plate are color copies of the Baldwin shops building specs and class.

As interesting as that is, yesterday I was called re: SPRR Conductors diaries, which show locomotive numbers, car numbers as well as a description of goods in the cars. And, by golly, in August, 1906, here is locomotive number 2584 taking cars between Rocklin and Truckee.

The original Baldwin specs show 2584 to be a coal burner, however an undated photo of the locomotive in Truckee appears to show an oil tender.

My question, my wise friends, is this: When and where was #2584 scrapped? ...

—G J Chris Graves, Newcastle, Calif.


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

"Kyle Wyatt"

... SP 2-8-0 #2584, built in 1906, Baldwin class 10-38 E – (2339 maybe). Part of the order was built set up for coal, while the other part was set up for oil.

I note the on-line Baldwin spec sheet from DeGolyer is rather difficult to read – too much got blacked out in the original microfilming.
SP class C-9 after 1915. Superheater added 11/18/1920 in Sparks.

Vacated 1/14/1954 in Eugene; broken up 3/9/1954 in Brooklyn (Portland).


4/08/2013 1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Chris Graves"

A few weeks ago I purchased ... a brass builders plate for Baldwin Locomotive Works loco #27710, made in Philadelphia in March 1906. It was used as SPRR locomotive #2584, of which I had a photo made in Truckee. Interesting.

THEN, by golly, a conductors day book came my way ... for the years 1905-1907. And, lo and behold, on Aug. 23, 1906, #2584 and #2724 left Truckee at 6 am, and arrived in Rocklin at 8:28 pm that same day.

Of interest, it took TWO locomotives 14 1/2 hours to go 97 miles, hauling ONLY 27 cars. These 27 cars held meat, live poultry, eggs, hams, lard and a few reefer cars.

Amazing what is still floating around loose.

6/19/2013 11:10 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have a friend who I believe has the bell from this locomotive, but how can I confirm?

7/25/2019 2:32 PM  

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