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John J. Berry, clerk in the San Francisco CPRR office, 1874-1876

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I am looking for information on John J. Berry, who was a clerk in the San Francisco CPRR office in 1874 to 1876.

He died in 1876 when he committed suicide on his wife's grave at Calvary Cemetery in San Francisco.

I work at the Moraga Historical Society and we have a headstone for Eliza Berry, who we believe is his wife. We think they are from Michigan.

Would there be any old employee records going back that far still in existence? If so where might they be? ...

—Pamela Meeds


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From: "G J Chris Graves" caliron@att.net

The child of John J. Berry and Eliza J. Berry, named Franklin Jerome Berry, died in San Francisco on August 21st 1876. Eliza J. Berry had died prior to the death of the baby, both John Berry and Eliza Berry were from Detroit, Michigan.

John Berry had committed suicide over his deceased wife's grave at Calvary Cemetery. He was 35 years old at his death. On the fly leaf of a Catholic prayer book he had written "God help my baby, and forgive me." ...

In date order, the baby Franklin Jerome died on August 21, 1876, and Eliza J. Berry, age 28, died July 31, 1876. An inquest was held in San Francisco on Nov. 8, 1876 regarding the suicide of John J. Berry. ...

—G. J. Chris Graves, Newcastle, California

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