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Echo City Photographs

From: "Melissa Jacobson"

Re: Question about The Swackhamer Pacific Railroad Stereograph Collection

I'm doing research for a documentary, and have been trying to track down an image (see below). I believe the mountain ... is the same mountain in The Swackhamer Pacific Railroad Stereograph Collection, C.R. Savage, Echo City picture (second image below).

Do you have any advice on how to track down this image? Or do you have any more information on "Echo City" – or collections that might have images of this station? ...

—Melissa Jacobson

train-composite Echo City



Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Barry Swackhamer"

... I am not sure how much help I can be as I have no other information about Echo City other than the single stereo card I possess. The two photograph appear to have been take about the same time as the layout of the tents in the background seem to be the same. It is possible that both were taken by C.R.Savage. Another possibility is that it was taken by another photographer. I am thinking of A.J. Russell who was the photographer who photographed the railroad construction for the Union Pacific. He and Savage are known to have traveled together on occasion.

Where to find Echo City photographs is more problematic. Begin with the Utah Historical Society and the LDS library/archives. I believe that LDS has photographs by C.W. Carter, another photographed active in the area. Next, try the Oakland Museum (Oakland, CA). They have what remains of A.J. Russell's railroad negatives. Stereo No. 317-325 and 341-350 (very approximately) deal with Echo City. Many are of rock formation. Russell also took some large format photographs. After that things are really iffy. Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluff, IA. I think their photos are on line. Wyoming Historical Society. County historical societies. Stranger things have happened. ...

You didn't say what other avenues you have tried, so I hope this was helpful.

—Barry Swackhamer

11/04/2018 5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See related: 150th Anniversary Railroad spike ceremony set for Elko, Nevada on January 25,2019.

"The town of Elko was established in 1868 in anticipation of the Central Pacific Railroad’s arrival. 'Six months after the railroad arrived, development flourished. Elko had two banks, 45 saloons, three hardware stores, eight doctors, eight attorneys and scores of other businesses,' the railroad reported." –Elko Daily

1/20/2019 10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just sort of stumbled into this. The best source on Echo, Utah is the Park City Museum in Park City. Summit County Museum in Coalville will also have some information. The photo could be anA. J. Russell.

5/07/2019 2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also see, Lonely stretch of byway led me to Elko, small town history, by John R. Beyer.

11/23/2023 3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the obvious confusion of Echo City, Utah with Elko, Nevada.

11/26/2023 7:40 AM  

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