Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Other Last Spike

There were two last spikes! Where is the Silver Spike?
MAY 13 1869 Territorial Enterprise Virginia City Nev.

THE LAST SPIKE:- S.T.Gauge arrived in this city yesterday from the front, bringing with him the Nevada silver spike driven at the point where the connection was made between the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific railroads. After a train had passed over them both, the golden spike of California and the silver spike of Nevada were taken out and iron ones substituted. The two last spikes will be carefully preserved. The continent is now spanned, and there can be no more last spikes — nevermore, for it is as "Muchly" spanned as it ever can be. This being the case, these spikes will a hundred years hence be looked upon as sacred relics, and as such treasured and guarded with the most Jealous care.

Dale Darney