Saturday, February 19, 2005

Re: Lower Cascade Bridge

In Kraus' book he lists the same milepost for Cascade (station) and Upper Cascade Bridge.


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Kyle K. Wyatt
Curator of History & Technology
California State Railroad Museum


Thank you for your reply. Every little bit of information helps.

I viewed many old photos at the Railroad Museum and compared them to my own–leaving me somewhat uncertain. The mileages shown on the Hart photos put the two bridges too far apart. That further confused me. But from all the responses I got to my query, and from the USGS topo (Soda Springs 7.5 min), it seems logical to conclude that Upper Cascade has to refer to the Kidd Lake drainage and Lower Cascade is Lower Cascade.

The location of the "Cascade Station" is my next objective. Signor mentions it several times in Donner Pass..., so maybe a little research in the Truckee Republican will clarify it's location.

Thanks again for your help.

Marilou West Ficklin