Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Re: Lines "East of Sparks"

From: "Larry Mullaly" lmullaly@jeffnet.org


Thank you for the clarification. Apparently the "Calvin lines" did not include Sparks east. For what it is worth, my chart showing a circa 1910 snapshot of Harriman lines shows the following operating units:

"Operating Organization of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Systems"

"Oregon and Washington Railroad Under Construction"

"Union Pacific Railroad 3098 miles"

"Oregon Short Line and Southern Pacific Lines East of Sparks Nevada 2472 miles"

"Oregon R & Navigation Company and Southern Pacific Co. North of Ashland 1903 miles"

"Southern Pacific Company Lines Between Sparks Nevada, Ashland Oregon and Rio Grande New Mexico 4433 - 248 (?) miles

"Separately Operated Lines in Louisiana 565 miles"

"Separately Operated Lines in Arizona and New Mexico 847 miles"

"Atlantic Coast Steamship Line 4400 miles of water lines"

Differing from Kyle's list is the absence of the SP, LA & SL. Looking through Signor's history of the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad Company, I see no compelling reason why this line would not have been treated as a separate operating unit of the "Harriman lines" in 1910.