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Fuel and water consumption


I am looking for information about the fuel and water consumption of CP locomotives along the transcontinental route. John White provides an estimate of 1,000 gallons water and a chord of wood for an early locomitive to go 26 miles on the flats. The 1860s and after equipment was larger, with larger tenders (2,000 gallons water capacity estimate for CP #60). Anyone know of possible sources for such data, which then relates to how the distance between fuel and water stops. Thanks Bob

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No records that I am aware of ... but CP did extend their locomotives' H2O range across the deserts with the water tank cars right from the start. Wood stops had to be fairly frequent, though. Once coal became a standard Nevada-Utah fuel for CP, not sure what that range was.


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There are multiple references to "water" and "fuel" in the CPRR annual reports. See, for example, the "Cost Per Mile Run" on page 34 (the 30th page) of the 1878 annual report, or on page 31 (the 28th page) of the 1883 annual report.

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From: "Wendell Huffman"

According the the census department's "Report on the agencies of transportation in the United States" (1883), the Central Pacific consumed 231,000 tons of coal and 70,000 cords of wood operating trains 7,679,909 miles over the course of the fiscal year ending in 1880.

It seems to me in a previous discussion we had some kind of equivelency between coal and wood. That missing factor might help you combine the coal and wood figures into one and result in a fuel unit per mile – over the entire CP line.


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