Thursday, August 18, 2005

Question: Information on Railroad workers?

From: "Dr. Kevin Bradshaw"

My great-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw worked on the Transcontinental RR back in 1865-69, along with his brother, Joel I believe. I believe he began working on it when he was living near Marysville in a place called Grand Island. I believe he also went all the way to Promontory. Are there any documents, records, payroll accounts, etc., that can verify where and when he worked on the project? Thanks.

—Kevin B


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

Of the various primary sources about the transcontinental railroad, the available surviving payroll records are at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA.

For other inquiries and general information see our railroad worker great-grandfathers webpage, including the resources section at the bottom.

8/18/2005 6:48 AM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

Here are two examples of CPRR payroll records:
(1) Crocker Payroll, 2/1865
(2) Chinese Laborers, 3/1865

8/18/2005 7:00 AM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

From: "Kevin Bradshaw"

Sincere thanks, this will help us in our search!

Kevin B

8/18/2005 5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking for information on Miss Ida Hasty who married Mr Dennis Burkhalter in 1881 Information on Ida and Dennis would be most appreciated as my client has acquired and restored the victorian home they built in los angeles in 1895. The property remained in the hands of Ida and 2 of her daughters till 1966 I saw you had both names listed but was unable to locate the post referencing them please contact me at with information

3/27/2010 11:26 AM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

See this discussion mentioning Hasty & Burkhalter.

3/27/2010 1:21 PM  

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