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Question: Information on a locomotive - Schenectady - 2012 wrote:

I recently saw a photo of a rather curious Central Pacific consolidation. It was apparently an enlargement of a builder's photo, and the locomotive pictured was named "Schenectady," and numbered 2012, evidentally having been built by the locomotive works of that name....Could you help me with info. regarding date of manufacture, and any subsequent renumberings or rebuildings?

Kyle Wyatt replied:

CP 2012 was a 4-8-0 built by Schenectady in 1895

I have a reference to sister locomotive #2010:

February 23, 1895 Kern City Standard (Bakersfield, Calif.) - #2010 arrived this week. One of two or three mammoth engines the SP recently had built. It is the object of much interest. Weighs 25 tons. To be put on the mountain [i.e., the Tehachapi run]

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CP 2012 was a 4-8-0 built by Schenectady in 1895.
In Jan - July 1895 the Southern Pacific purchased a group of 14  large 4-8-0s from Schenectady, numbered 2010 - 2023, placed in the GA class (the class system in use at the time).  They were later renumbered 2900 - 2913, becoming class TW-1 in 1915.  A number were sold to a SP Mexican subsidiary in 1905-07, and most of the rest saw service in Oregon.  these were all scrapped in Brooklyn (Portland) in 1947-1950, except for the last survivor, #2913 scrapped in Sacramento in 1951.
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