Friday, December 22, 2006

Railroads chug away from San Leandro memory

"Railroads chug away from San Leandro memory" by Martin Ricard, © Tri-Valley Herald, Pleasanton, CA 12/1/2006. (News Article)

" ... The San Leandro Historical Railway Society has opened its doors to thousands of visitors since it was established in 1988. Visitors are always amazed by the treasures they find at the 107-year-old Southern Pacific passenger train depot that once served as the final leg of the first transcontinental mainline, which traveled from Omaha to Sacramento. Railway Society members hope families will come to the open house to learn, enjoy the more than 5,000 scale miles of model train tracks that loop around the museum, and take a little piece of San Leandro home. ... Since 1988, the society has grown to 20 members and has been working to restore the depot building — built in 1898 to replace the depot originally built there by the Central Pacific Railroad — to resemble its 19th-century decor. ... " [More]

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