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LAPIS SPUR; Monterey Branch


I'm looking for information (history) on the old sand quarry at LAPIS on the SPCo.'s Monterey branch. I know they at one time did their own switching with an old PLYMOUTH gas locomotive, 10 ton (SG) in the 1920's. At that time the company was operating under the name BAY DEVELOPMENT CO., LAPIS, CA.



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From: "Kyle Wyatt"

Attached is what I have off hand on Lapis, on the Monterey Branch.


Lapis Sand Plant
EB & AL Stone Co.
Bay Development Co.
Harron, Rickard & McCone – Pacific Coast Aggregate
Lone Star Industries
Pacific Materials

Note Harron, Rickard & McCone were also machinery dealers in San Francisco around 1906 – and were also agents for Vulcan Locomotive Works.

In 1901 Thomas Rickard joined J.O. Harron and Alex McCone in buying out the older firm of Parke, Lacey & Company, sellers of mining machinery, the name being changed to Harron, Rickard & McCone.

0-4-0TVulcan           #1222           5/1908           Std ga           11x16           30” dr           45,000
Blt EB & AL Stone Co. #60, Lapis, CA
to Harron, Rickard & McCone – Pacific Coast Aggregate, 6/1931

0-4-0TVulcan #1770           7/1911           36” gauge           30” dr
Blt City of Los Angeles
to Palmer McBryde & Quale
to Harron, Rikhard & McCone - Pacific Coast Aggregate, Lapis?

 HL      15 ton           Plymouth           diesel-mechanical
Blt Pacific Coast Aggregate at Eliot (Felton) plant
to Lapis in 1950

 ML-8 30 ton           Plymouth           c/n 4442           10/1942
Blt USArmy Transportation Corps #7574
To Pacific Coast Aggregate at Rockfield (Friant)
transferred to Olympia (Felton)
transferred to Lapis in 1967

 JDT               Plymouth
Reported at Lapis – might be mistaken identity.

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