Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Southern Pacific Police badge and the new Police Shield

From: "Ross Jackson Sr."

Are you interested in any Southern Pacific Police items such as photos/scans of the Southern Pacific Magazine showing the change of the Police badge to the new Police Shield? I also have the original photo of the badges that I have scanned.

I have attached three photos. The photo of the "Total Badge Article" is of the switch from the Irvine and Jachens six point star to the universal shield used by the Southern Pacific Railroad Police. The two accompanying photos are those that were taken by the Southern Pacific Bulletin Staff and are those photos in the SP Bulletin. Until the universal badge was created there were many different badges used. California, Utah, Nevada and Oregon all had the six point star. The southern states had so many different types of badges no one apparently really knows how many they have. ...

Should you have any questions please e-mail me to clarify anything. ...

Ross Jackson Sr.
Retired Southern Pacific Police Officer/Special Agent

Last Shield
Last Shield

My 1st RRPD 6pt Star and Texas 7pt  Star
My first Railroad Police Department 6 point Star and Texas 7 point Star

Article and photographs courtesy of the author.