Saturday, October 24, 2009

Emigrant "Local" Baggage Tags

From: "Jason Sanford"

I have seen some CPRR baggage tags that are marked "local" and some "Emigrant" and "Local." What constituted a local train on the CPRR? Where there specific local trains that ran on a daily basis between designated stations? Does anyone happen to know when the "Emigrant" tags were no longer used? Thanks.



Anonymous Mick Needham said...

In my collection of tags, I have a matched set of 3 Central Pacific "EMIGRANT" baggage tags all with the same number and dated 1880, Hoole Mfg. Some of the Thomas patent CP and UP tags have a 1867 patent date, but werent marked emigrant, and some of the earliest tags have CP-UP-WP on the same tag. This is not the modern Western Pacific (Feather River Canyon), but rather the early Western Pacific that the transcontinental railroad acquired to enter the bay area and reach the Pacific ocean to qualify for government funds. This WP was absorbed by CP and ceased to exist in the mid 1860s. These extremely rare CP tags all predate the Southern Pacific tags, which are also surprisingly rare considering fthe size of the road! No Southern Pacific tags marked EMIGRANT have ever surfaced. So, I would guess, the late 1880s would be the last you would see of Emigrant tags. Local tags were tags placed on baggage not intended to leave the railroads own line to another road. Usually these tags had a destination tag which was on some RRs,like the V&T and C&C, brass, but for the majority of RRs, paper was attached. Mick Needham

11/05/2009 9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you e-mail me some pictures of your CPRR baggage tags? I would also be interested in seeing a UP Thomas Tag if you have one.


11/06/2009 9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found a tag in my front yard that says the following:
A.T.& S._.R.R. and CEN.PAC.R.R
then there is some writing at the bottom I cant make out.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

6/03/2011 9:40 AM  

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