Thursday, December 09, 2010

UPRR section camp called 'Peru' aka 'Burning Rock Cut'


I am writing my thesis on a UPRR section camp called 'Peru,' and I'm looking for as much information as I can get to that end. Please let me know if you know anything about the Peru (alternately called 'Burning Rock Cut' Camp) Camp in southwest Wyoming ...

James MacNaughton
Historical Archaeology
Illinois State University


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cut at Burning Rock was 60 feet deep and 100 feet long,cut thru shale stone. It is 8 miles west of Green River.
Early on, so the story goes, someone from the RR made a campfire, and was surprised to see the cut catch on fire.
My father was there in 1921, he spoke of oil exploration by the UPRR.
G J Chris Graves, NewCastle, Cal.

12/18/2010 8:49 AM  

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