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When was the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad unionized?

From: "Tricia Rankin"

... My great grandfather started working for the railroad around 1900 (give or take a few years), my grandmother refers to it as the Northwest Railroad in Chicago Illinois. I could not find anything on the Northwest rail, but found a lot of information on Transcontinental railroad. Is this the same railroad? If so, I was curious to know when the workers became Unionized. My grandmother told me that he fought for the Union and did become a part of it, so I was hoping you had some information on that. ...

—Tricia Rankin


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

Do you mean the Chicago and North Western Railway?

The Chicago and North Western Railway was not part of the first transcontinental railroad, but was one of three routes from Chicago to Omaha that passengers used to get to the start of the transcontinental railroad at Omaha.

Chicago, Illinois to Omaha, Nebraska.

The First transcontinental railroad goes from Omaha, Nebraska to Ogden, Utah on the Union Pacific Railroad, then from Ogden, Utah to Sacramento, California on the Central Pacific Railroad.

See the Official Guide of the Railways, 1910.


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