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Where is Lewis Metzler Clement buried?

From: "R Rowlett"

I am a cousin of LM Clement, through Lewis Cobes Clement, and have been searching for Lewis' burial place. I have read and enjoyed your article on [Lewis Metzler Clement] that is online. Do you happen to know where he and his wife, Charlotte are buried? My cousin, Lee Clement Harris, of BC, Canada, believes he might have been buried in the Niagara area, but I have been unable to find him there either. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

—Reverie Noel Clement Rowlett


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

From: "Bruce Cooper"
Re: Lewis Metzler Clement

Thank you for your note about my great great grandfather, Lewis Metzler Clement. Lewis Cobbs Clement, to whom you are related, was my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather from whom I was descended as follows:


CLEMENT [2] (bf1680)

11. [unknown]1 CLEMENT (bf1680bbf1707) m. bbf1705 [unknown][1] (bf1680abf1707)
10. Joseph2 CLEMENT (bf1707abf1760) m. bbf1744 Anna PEAKE (bf1720abf1760)
9. Lewis Cobbs3 CLEMENT[2] (bf1745abf1780) m. abf1768 [unknown] (bf1750abf1772)
8. Capt. John Putman4 CLEMENT[3] (1759-1858) m. bbf1768 Mary BALL (bf1768abf1800)
7. Col. Lewis5 CLEMENT[4] (1787-1879) m1806 Margaret CRYSLER (1790bbf1878)
6. Ralph Morden6 CLEMENT (1812-1854) m1836 Charlotte A. METZLER (1818-1883)
5. Lewis Metzler7 CLEMENT[5] (1837-1914) m1858 Charlotte CRYSLER (1835-1921)
4. Russell Montague8 CLEMENT[6] (1865-1948) m.-1890 Lizzie FREEMAN (1867-1956)
3. Lewis Mason9 CLEMENT[7] (1892-1981) m19-17 Vesta Lucia LYNDE (1894-1982)
2. Donald Treat COOPER (1913-1974) m1940 Virginia Mason10 CLEMENT (1919-1974)
1. Bruce Clement11 COOPER (1945)

[Continued below]

4/11/2012 10:25 AM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

[1] "Widow" CLEMENT: m1707 to Benjamin ROBERTS who owned 76 acres in Woolwyck, Cludend Bents Island (NY?) which he willed to her sons, Joseph2 and Peter.

[2] Lewis Cobbs3 CLEMENT: A staunch United Empire Loyalist; removed from Tyson Co., NY, to Niagara, Ontario, Canada, at outbreak of the Revolution and joined the British forces as an interpreter in the Indian Department.

[3] Capt. John Putman4 CLEMENT: Leader, Northern Confederate Indians, an embodied force whose services in scouting and hunting down rebel bands and "Sons of Liberty" were a striking feature of the Revolutionary War; Known as "Ranger John", he caught and destroyed a large body of partisans under the noted rebel leader, Capt. Bull.

[4] Col. Lewis5 CLEMENT: Lt. (Artillery) in War of 1812; commanded battery guns at Queenstown, October 13, 1812; Wounded seriously three times at Battle of Chippawa where he commanded a company, July 5, 1814; Commanded volunteer company during Rebellion of 183738; Volunteered for service at time of the Trent Affair (1861) and the Fenian Raid (1866) walking seventeen miles to Fort Erie at age 79. PH

[5] Lewis Metzler7 CLEMENT: Graduate, McGill University; Engineer Montreal Water Works, Welland Canal, Central Pacific RR (Asst Chief Engineer & Chief Locating Engineer) in charge of building the CPRR line across the Sierra Nevada Mountains from Sacramento, CA, via Reno, NV, to Promontory Summit, UT, where it joined the UPRR line at the "Driving of the Golden Spike" to complete the first Transcontinental Railroad, May 10, 1869,; Southern Pacific RR (Consulting Engineer); Commissioner, U.S. Special Pacific Railroad Commission, February-May, 1869; Pacific Improvement Co. (Chief Engineer); Stanford University (Consulting Engineer); Naturalized U.S. Citizen by Hon. E.D. Wheeler, J., District Court, 19th Judicial District of the State of California, San Francisco, July 25, 1879 (CERT); PHs, BKs, LTRs.

[6] Russell Montague8 CLEMENT:Graduate, MIT. Civil Engineer; City Engineer for Oakland, CA.

[7] Lewis Mason9 CLEMENT: Built and operated his first radio station from his home in Oakland, CA, in 1905; CoFounder and Secretary, Bay Counties Wire less Telegraph Association, 1907; Made first ever broadcast of a sporting event (University of California Stanford football game), 1908;, University of California (Berkeley), 191014; B.Sc.(E.E.), 1914; Radio Engineer, Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., Kahuku, HI, & San Francisco, CA, 1914-16; Engineer, Bell Labs, Western Electric Co., New York City, 19-16-25; Developed (with fellow Western Electric Engineer R. Heising) the first aircraft wireless telephone equipment and they became the first to speak from aircraft to ground and aircraft to aircraft at Langley Field, VA, August 18, 19-17; Designed, built and installed first wireless telephone toll circuit (Cata lina IslandSan Pedro, CA), May 10, 1920 July 16, 1920; Developed first Super Hetradyne receiver for RCA, 1922 (Additional information to be added).

At the time of his death at age 77 on October 29, 1914, Lewis Metzler and Charlotte Crysler Clement were living in Hayward, CA, and while I do not know where they are buried, I have always assumed that it was in the San Francisco Bay Area as they had lived in California since 1862. ... If you are able to find where LM Clement is buried I would certainly appreciate knowing what you learn. ...

—Bruce Clement Cooper

4/11/2012 10:28 AM  
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R Rowlett wrote:

... Lewis Cobes Clement is my 5x great-grandfather, through his son, James Clement (John Putnam’s brother) who married Catherine Crysler and who fought in the War of 1812, with the British, then Adam Crysler Clement, John Colby Clement, Sr., and Jr., to my grandfather, Leroy Allen Clement, Sr. My Dad was a junior. Most of my line, from the senior John Colby, lived on the US side. My Dad’s cousin, somewhat removed etc., lives in Comox, BC, Canada. She wrote a very extensive biography of the family and the many lines. My direct cousin, Justin Clement, wrote a little tome on the burning of Philadelphia, which was well-received. I have my MA in History and plod along with various projects. ...
I loved your article on the RR and LM [Clement]. He must have been a remarkable person, as were his children, especially Maude and Russell. Did you know your grandfather? Mine died when Dad was 4, from gassing in WWI. My Dad’s youngest uncle, who was born in 1908, died a few years ago in 2009. He and I wrote occasionally and he was my main contact with the family in Niagara county.

I have searched all the cemeteries I can find in the Bay area, but think I will turn the task over to my cousin who lives in San Leandro. She needs a project! ...

If I find the burial site for LM [Clement] and Charlotte, I’ll let you know. Do you know where Maude is buried? If so, that might be a starting point.


4/22/2012 1:55 PM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

From: "Bruce Cooper"

Thanks for the reply and additional information about the Clement family. Yes I knew my grandfather, Lewis Mason Clement, very well as I was 36 when he passed, and I also knew Lewis Metzler Clement's youngest daughter Maude when I was a teen as she lived well into her 90s. I think she is probably buried in Oakland, CA, where she lived much of her life but I am not sure. I would certainly be interested in acquiring a copy of the extensive biography of the Clement family written by your dad's cousin in BC as this family is my closest lineal relation (my mother was a Clement) and one of the ones in which I have the greatest interest. i would also certainly be very interested in anything your cousin in San Leandro might find out about Lewis and Charlotte's resting places especially if I could get a picture of their grave stones. As for the other families, you may also be interested in seeing the various lineage charts that I have done on my ancestry.

... I was contacted by a Justin Clement about fifteen of years ago when he was a student in Philadelphia who also asked me about Lewis Cobbs Clement. ... I recall he was quite interested in Philadelphia during the Revolution. ...


4/22/2012 1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Rick Kelly"

I am writing a new history of Castro Valley. I would like to include a page on Lewis Clement, who retired to Castro Valley as a very early chicken rancher in or before 1900 (he died there in 1914). ...

Of course he lived on Strobridge Avenue, adjacent to his old co-worker and sometimes boss (PIC) James Strobridge, just down the road from where the old CPRR riding boss Michael Stanton used to farm (Stanton died in 1880). While Castro Valley was later famed for chicken ranching, Clement had a rather large chicken facility built in 1900 at the very inception of the chicken revolution, thus he deserves to be credited as a farming pioneer as well as a famed engineer. I know he lived on Strobridge Avenue, on one of the lots that Strobridge split off in 1884, I could figure out exactly which one if the County Recorder's Office were open, a project for a latter date. In those days, Castro Valley was a pretty common retirement destination well-off for men, who often ran small farming operations.

Also, if you have any information about him in his "chicken years", that might be very helpful. ...

—Rick Kelly

3/06/2021 7:26 AM  

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