Monday, November 12, 2012

CPRR Cammell Sheffield Toughened Steel Rail

From: "Rick Rowlands"

On your page regarding rails used on the CPRR, it is mentioned that the purpose of the letter "P" on the section of Cammell Sheffield Toughened Steel Rail is unknown. I may be able to help with that. We have in our collection a piece of Cammell Sheffield Toughened Steel rail from 1881, and in our roll mark in place of the "P" is "LS&MS". That stands for the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad who was the company that laid the track through the area that we found our rail in. So in my estimation, the "P" on your sample indicates that the Pacific Improvement Company was the purchaser of that rail.

Thanks for the incredibly detailed website. It is a rarity to find such important information on the web.

—Rick Rowlands, Executive Director, Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation, Youngstown, Ohio


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The first steel rails were rolled in Bessemer's North Chicago Rolling Mills on May 25, 1865. The use of iron and steel in the manufacture of railroad rails and cars aided the growth of this country's steel industry." —Bill Husband

Courtesy of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Internet Message List.

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