Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reenactor/living history - railroad detective - clothing - conductor’s outfit - costume

From: "Bill Wolfe"

... just stumbled across your website while trying to do an internet search on “railroad detective.”

My family has become interested in living history presentations here in Central Texas (ca. 1870s). My wife is working on a presentation as a librarian and I had the idea of doing some sort of presentation on western railroads.

Aside from the presentation itself, my biggest challenge is going to be to come up with a period-correct costume. I was wondering if you’d have any suggestions on where or what. I’ve seen some railroad goggles on sale on ebay that I thought might be appropriate if I were to dress up as an engineer. I’d wondered about a conductor’s outfit and since I’m a deputy sheriff, the thought of “being” a railroad detective also came to mind.

I’ve purchased a couple of original publications from the 1870's regarding railroads, but I haven’t come across ... any pictures that I felt really gave me a working idea of what real railroaders wore back then. From what I remember from western movies, railroad detectives generally wore business suits. Badge on a vest? Six gun on the hip?

Any advice, direction, or other help would be appreciated. ...

—Deputy Bill Wolfe, Llano County Sheriff's Department