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Identification of Passenger Riding Antelope's Cowcatcher

From: "Robert Murphy" robertmurphy12@cox.net

I am the author of The Iron Horse Chronicles, historical fiction about the building of the first transcontinental railroad. In the third book I am writing about the driving of the golden spike. A scene in that book presents Stanford’s special train journeying from Sacramento to Promontory Summit. Who was the passenger riding the cowcatcher of the Antelope when it struck the log in Truckee Canyon? I would like to identify the individual by name rather than brush over the topic.

Robert Lee Murphy

Eagle Talons (The Iron Horse Chronicles: Book One), 2014.

Bear Claws (The Iron Horse Chronicles: Book Two), 2015.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only mention of this incident that we are aware of is in the following article which does not name that passenger,

Serial: Overland monthly and Out West magazine.
Title: The Last Tie [Volume 3, Issue 1, July 1869; pp. 77-84]
Author: Stillman, Dr. J. D. B.

"The only person injured – and he but slightly – was one of our party who was on the engine, who, seeing what seemed an inevitable crash, jumped from the train."

9/08/2015 1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Robert Murphy" robertmurphy12@cox.net

Thank you. I am aware of the reference you name, and it is the only one I have found. It's too good a story not to include in the novel. As it stands now, I have selected Edgar Mills to be the cowcatcher rider since he is younger than most of the others. If you know of a reason why I should not make him the "volunteer," please let me know.

—Robert Lee Murphy

9/08/2015 4:06 PM  

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