Friday, April 15, 2016

William Strang (1836-1880)

From: "Kirsten Brophy"

Do you have any biographical information, citations or references to a William Strang (NOT the Overland Park Strang); but a William Strang (1836-1880) who was the superintendent of the telegraph line installation for the St. Louis, Lawrence & Denver Railroad & Telegraph Company from c.1870-1879?

He lived in Cleveland, Ohio in 1870 and died in Ohio in 1880.

A family reference regarding the Native American lithic material he collected states that, “Collected on route of Union Pacific RR from St Louis to CO by William Strang, Superintendent of telegraph line construction.”

Any information you can share about William Strang would be most appreciated, thank you! ...

—Kirsten R. Brophy, RPA, Curator of Collections & Exhibitions, Stamford Museum & Nature Center