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Keeping an eye on baggage

From: "Jean-Louis Milesi"

I’m a French screenwriter. I’m working on a script that takes place in 1900. One of my character travels from Seattle, Washington to Sidney, Nebraska in July 1900. I supposed that the junction is Sacramento.

My character travels with several chests and other baggage. And wants to keep an eye on them. So, he travels sitting on all his stuff.

My question is: Where can my character do that in a train? In a passenger car? In a Zulu car? On the roof? With the luggage? With the animals? …

—Jean-Louis Milesi


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Kyle Wyatt"

First, your character would not need to go to Sacramento, nor to California at all. Travel south from Seattle to Portland, Oregon (likely via the Northern Pacific). There change to the Oregon Railroad & Navigation (owned by the Union Pacific) to Huntington, Oregon. There change to the Oregon Short Line (also owned by the Union Pacific – quite possibly a through train without changing cars) to Ogden, Utah. There change to Union Pacific itself to Sidney, Nebraska.

I suppose if your character has money, he could arrange for a sleeping car compartment (not just a sleeping car section), and could pile his chests there and "sit" on them. Depends on how large the chests are.


1/12/2018 12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Jean-Louis Milesi"

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and giving me such a detailed answer.

Even if my character has money, how many sleeping cars [were there] in this kind of train back in 1900? If we suppose that all the sleeping cars were already booked, [what are] other solutions for my character to travel with his stuff? We can imagine that the space taken by his luggage (heavy) is at least 6ft x 6ft x 3ft?


1/12/2018 1:03 PM  

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