Tuesday, January 28, 2020

CSRM Completion Grotto with the Model of the Jupiter

From: "Arthur Fluter" art.fluter@gmail.com

In the [California State Railroad] Museum, just past Gov Stanford, on the far site of the grotto, the display is of a tunnel portal with the date of "1910" on the keystone.

What is the significance of this date?

One Docent said it was the start of Harriman era for the SP but doesn't seem relevant to me.

The tunnel list I could find is missing many completion dates. It looks like tunnel numbers in the high tens or low candidates but I can't tell.

Anyone know the significance of a 1910 tunnel portal? ...

—Art Fluter


Anonymous John A Sweetser said...

The display probably depicts one of the 17 tunnels that were dug when the No. 2 track between Rocklin and Colfax was constructed in 1909-1911. The "1910" figure would be the year a tunnel was completed.

John Sweetser

2/19/2020 4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Arthur Fluter" art.fluter@gmail.com


Thanks for the response. I'm studying to be a museum tour guide and wondered if it had any significance.

There are so many bits in the museum that are just there, but with no explanation, or worse, only half an explanation. The worst one is a photograph of the inside of a locomotive that says in effect "the dent in the firebox killed a fireman the day before." That's it. And?

—Art Fluter

2/25/2020 11:26 AM  

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