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E.C. Fellows / A.C. Bassett

From: "Larry Mullaly" lmullaly@jeffnet.org

One thing leads to another. The fine information on Fellows brings up a colleague of his that I have been trying to track down: AC Bassett.

In 1870 Bassett was the chief dispatcher for EC Fellows, Superintendent of the Western Division, who transferred with him from Sacramento to Oakland at that time. At the end of that year when Stanford et al. obtain operational control of the newly reincorporated Southern Pacific, Bassett was appointed Assistant Superintendent of that line, San Francisco to Gilroy.

Bassett and Fellows seem to have been closely linked. A telegrapher named Fonda, terminated from the SP in 1872 responsibility for the collision involving SP No. 1, CP Huntington, later appears as an engineer on the Western Division.

Bassett also seems to have died at a relatively young age, since a station point just east of San Gabriel in Southern California receives his name in the late 1880's (I believe), and the street in San Jose fronting the railroad station is renamed in his honor. He may be the same AC Bassett whose name shows up in San Jose militia lists during the period 1864-1866. On the basis of his 1873 Assistant Superintendent's Journal as well as newspaper remarks from that period he was a respected and effective operating officer.

I would assume he learned his railroad craft on the Central Pacific – possibly under Fellows. Any information would be appreciated.

Larry Mullaly


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From: "Wendell Huffman" wendellhuffman@hotmail.com

Now I've got to find out if there was a connection between Edward Charles Fellows and Hart Fellows – the Placer County judge who issued the various restraining orders against the Sacramento Placer & Nevada RR (on behalf of the Central Pacific) at the time of the "Placer County Railroad War" in 1864. Obviously that was before E.C. Fellows showed up; but they may have been related.


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From: Hsweetser@aol.com

I don't have anything on AC Bassett.

The Daily Evening Post only stated that E.C. Fellows was survived by his wife and two daughters. Other newspapers published in 1880 that may have addition information include the Oakland Times, the Oakland Tribune, and in San Francisco, the Alta California, the Bulletin, the Call, the Chronicle and the Examiner. All can be seen on microfilm through interlibrary loan from the [California] State Library.

John Sweetser

7/20/2005 4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The August 15, 1891 issue of The Railway Age has a large write up of A.C. Bassett upon his retirement from the SP Co. Also the 1885 edition of Railway Officials of America has an entry for him.

I have scrapbook type clippings of these items which were apparently part of of a small collection of residual material of Bassett’s which I purchased many years ago from his great grand daughter.
Contact me if you want more info.

Dave Rousar

7/29/2005 4:10 PM  

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