Sunday, January 01, 2006

Jane Lathrop Stanford nurtured women in education

"Area institutions nurtured women in education" by RAYMOND SCHIMMER, © Times Union, 1/1/2006. (Letter)

"the central role Jane Lathrop Stanford played in founding Stanford University, and later in rescuing it from the brink of bankruptcy. ... Stanford began its history as a coeducational facility because Jane Lathrop Stanford insisted that it be so. ... She sponsored free kindergartens and schools in the Palo Alto area, and returned to Albany in the mid-1880s to commission the construction of a nursery annex for the Albany Orphan Asylum. Paul Grondahl, in his new book "Now Is the Time, A History of Parsons Child and Family Center," recounts Mrs. Stanford's involvement in this project ["The Albany Orphan Asylum," where her father, Dyer Lathrop was the first treasurer] from 1886 to 1891, as well as her donation of $100,000 of Central Pacific Railroad stock [and the the Lathrop family mansion] ... " [More]

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