Wednesday, January 04, 2006

PDF File Viewing

From: "Reimer Dr. Thomas"

Good Morning to you in the Far West! I have been trying several times to download the book by C. Nordhoff, but I always get stuck halfway through the procedure and can’t reach the file.

Could you help me?

Many thanks  

—Thomas Reimer, Wiesbaden/Germany


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

We verified that the Nordhoff book pdf displays fully using a home cable modem internet connection with both Internet Explorer on Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron 6000, and using Safari on an Apple iBook G4. When we click on the red title link, the book automatically is displayed.

Consequently, we do not believe that this is a website issue.

Viewing such large pdf files requires sufficient computer memory and processor speed, as well as a high speed internet connection. If you are attempting to use a slow dial-up internet connection, it still might be possible, but might take hours instead of about a minute.

Internet service providers (ISP's) frequently limit the size of file attachments when using their e-mail service. We have not heard of this such limits being imposed when viewing web pages, and associated pdf files, but you might want to check whether your ISP has such a file size limit. The Nordhoff book is 125 megabytes in size.

Viewing a pdf file also requires a helper application such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader which must be installed on your computer and properly configured. If you are having similar problems with other pdf files, you might need to install or reinstall your pdf reader, as misconfiguration is a common problem.

Further information is available from the Adobe website, and from our PDF Help page.

If none of these suggestions help, please try using another modern computer which has a high speed internet connection, or let us know more details about what you are using and what is going wrong.

We are presenting 19th century books as pdf files despite the need for a modern computer and high speed internet connection to accommodate the large file size, as this is the only available format that both lets you see and quickly browse the original page images with their illustrations while simultaneously keeping text automatically (but somewhat imperfectly) transcribed and sitting hidden behind the page images to allow you to be able to rapidly search the book for keywords using your computer.

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