Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oregon via the route of the Short Line

From: "Tonna Haw"

I am looking for historical information on some research for a paper I am doing on the early immigrants to Oregon via the route of the Short Line, eastern Oregon, 1900 1915, to verify if the railroad went through or had stops at:
Brogan, Oregon - Cake, Oregon - Malheur City
Huntington, & Baker City, Oregon.

I do know at this time that Cake, Oregon was the sight of the Rainbow Gold mines, there verified a post office, by the same name was established. I am told Cake did have railway service, the Short Line being a connector from back east. No longer any remaining evidence of a town, it is hard to find any information regarding this area.

Huntington, once was the "turn around" a bustling town for people coming from east to west. Did the service from Cake then go to Huntington ?

Specifically however, it is Cake that I am focused, and would like some evidence of rail service. I would certainly love to be able to copy a route map, showing cities served in this area, thus possibly answering all of my questions about the rails the stories behind the men and women who came west, and why? ...

—Tonna Haw