Thursday, February 27, 2014

Culvert location

From: "David Rousar"

Can anyone identify the location of this culvert that was or is on the right of way of the old San Francisco and San Jose Railroad? The date inscribed is 1862. The inscribed names of several individuals are as follows:

Chas. W. Sanger, Secretary
Wm. J. Lewis, Chief Engineer
T. J. Arnold, P.A. Engineer
O. H. P. Rand, Builder

—David Rousar

SF&SJ culvert

SF&SJ culvert


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

From: "Kyle Wyatt"

I believe the following may relate to the culvert in question.

In a message dated 6/2/2006:
A 24 unit housing development is proposed at the Bocci Memorial site. The old office is to be moved across EC to the former display area. Colma Hist has a copy of the proposed plan. The whole face of the culvert is to be dismantled and placed at the N/E cor of the property, with a pond {and running water?} palm trees,etc.The area is right at the entrance to Colma Bart station. Colma creek from Bart entrance to the culvert will be covered. I hope they take good care of the slab with "SF&SJ R.R. 1862" etc. Stand by----

That is all I know.


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