Sunday, February 16, 2014

W. A. Bradley Union Pacific Photo Car family image

From: "Chickwagon"

Your amazing site was such a help in understanding a few photos I was trying to identify and date. I thought you might enjoy these images, as I scanned both sides of my photocar portrait. These were in an album that was from families who lived in Stayton, Marion County, Oregon, with relatives in Dayton, WA; Hanford, CA; and Sacramento, CA. I assume this photo was from Salem, OR, since the advertisement on the back refers to an office in Portland. Please let me know if you can add any additional information. I think I must have cropped the border of this, but retained the name "W.A. Bradley". ...

—Barb C.

W.A. Bradley Photocar Family image

W.A. Bradley Photocar Family image