Saturday, February 08, 2014

Old grade in Elko County

"Nature Notes An area rich in railroad history" by Larry Hyslop, Free Press Corespondent, © Elko Daily Free Press, February 8, 2014. (History Article)

"Railroad history is visible off the Interstate 80 Moor exit. ... Google Earth photo ... county road that leaves I-80 to travel around the north end of the Pequop Mountains ... built over the top of the original Central Pacific Railroad rail line ... the Southern Pacific Railroad’s current tracks ... 1868 ... grading crews from the two companies passed each other at the north side of the Great Salt Lake ... shows grade constructed by the UPRR ... the farthest West the UPRR built grade in advance of the track crews." [More]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The writer of that article has NEVER driven that route. If he had, he would NOT have said that the current grade was built over the original grade. Nor does the road that goes somewhat parallel to the old grade go OVER the old grade.
Ah, the perils of history.
G J Chris Graves, Newcastle, Cal.

2/13/2014 8:11 AM  

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