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Larceny probe eyes missing art dealer

From: "Mathew R. Stevens"

You have Julien Tavener (Haley & Steele) on your web site. He is now a suspected criminal being investigated by the FBI. I feel that this is potentially damaging and embarrasing for your terrific Museum

The following appeared on
Headline: Larceny probe eyes missing art dealer
Date: March 29, 2005

"The owner of a venerable Boston art and prints gallery abruptly left the country about two weeks ago, setting off a criminal investigation into whether he absconded with hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sales of artwork left on consignment at his shop, according to Boston police, state officials, and Century Bank executives."

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Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

Thanks for pointing out this article in the Boston Globe newspaper. We were not aware of this previously, and have no information concerning such allegations. The CPRR Museum has no business relationship with that firm or individual. Our website does contain an acknowledgement of the source of a few digital images scanned from prints from the 1853 Pacific Railroad Surveys. It is important to heed the numerous warnings on our website that links, etc. are not merchant endorsements, and we definitely do mean it, when we say (in Latin) "buyer beware." The User Agreement elaborates this warning and disclaimer in excrutiating detail, stating:

"DISCLAIMER OF ENDORSEMENT: does not recommend or endorse external websites which should open in a new browser window. This website ... has hyperlinks or references ("links") to other "third-party" external websites that are not part of the CPRR Photographic History Museum, are beyond our control, and may include information regarding third party offers. has not investigated or verified the legitimacy of such merchants, does not endorse, is not a party to, and takes no responsibility for third party offers whether on a linked website, published on this website, or found elsewhere, nor for the persons or entities operating such websites. If you choose to do business with such third parties, which you agree is entirely at your own risk, we strongly urge you to check best prices, verify the merchant's reputation, and make payments only by credit card so that you will have the possibility of recourse by initiating a chargeback should the merchant prove dishonest, and you agree not to complain to us if you don't follow our advice and as a result have a problem.  All trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners, and any use of third-party trademarks on this website is for nominative and/or descriptive purposes only, and does not imply any third-party affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement.  ...  The CPRR Photographic History Museum's author,, copyright holder(s), other rights holders, licensor(s), and other parties that provide, operate, and/or license this website and its content (and their officers, directors, shareholders, representatives, agents, affiliates, employees, and servants), or the like ("we" or "us") have no control over or responsibility for other websites' content or availability, or for changes therein, nor for the accuracy of information published or submitted by others, including but not limited to offers made by third parties, and we are not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by any named or linked ... company ... seller, auction, website, or other third party, nor shall any information or link on this website be considered a listing of any item for sale or auction, nor shall any third party offer be considered an offer by us ...  No relationship exists between this website and any linked third-party website or named third party, except as stated herein, any statement on a third-party website to the contrary should be disregarded, and no inference or assumption should be made and no representation is implied that the CPRR Photographic History Museum, or its affiliates in any manner operates, edits, or controls any third-party website nor such third-party website's services, products, or information.  ...  CPRR Photographic History Museum, and its affiliates disclaim, do not recommend or endorse, are not a party to, and take no responsibility for third party offers, including but not limited to those which may appear on this or any linked website nor in any e-mail or other communication.   Links to other websites, credit lines, announcements about books and other products, services, or offers, and responses to e-mail inquiries, are provided solely as a convenience for informational purposes only and at the discretion of, do not imply permission, membership, or affiliation, shall not in any way be construed as or constitute a description, accurate depiction, position regarding any issue in controversy, authentication, appraisal, sponsorship, nor a recommendation or endorsement of any website, product, service, activity, business, organization, or person, and any offers, products, services, statements, opinions, content or information on any linked third-party website or third party submission included, mentioned, or described on this website are those of the respective author(s) or owners and not those of Caveat Emptor."

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