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Temperature at Promontory on May 10th, 1869

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Do you know what the temperature in degrees Farenheight was on Monday May 10th 1869, and if you don't, please tell me if it was even close to 72 degrees Farenheight.


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As I remember the description it was on the cold side. Like 40's or 50's the morning of and not much warmer at noon. I don't think anywhere near 72.

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"The day was sunny with a few clouds and a slight breeze; the temperature was 69° in the shade of the Central Pacific telegraph car."

Quotation From: "Driving the Last Spike At Promontory, 1869." By J. N. Bowman. California Historical Society Quarterly, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2,  June 1957, pp. 96-106,  and Vol. XXXVI, No. 3, September 1957, pp. 263-274.

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"By noon the temperature had risen to almost 70 degrees."

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There are a few indications:

Chicago Tribune, May 11, 1869
Letter of May 10, preparation for ceremony completed this morning. Gov Stanford and party were on the ground impatiently awaiting counterparts. At 8:30 am UP loco 119 and train of palace and two cars av.
Day was clear and beautiful
Crowd of less than 1,000
Generally comments on the weather were favorable, and in a similar vein.

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