Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nevada Trip Planned for June, 2006

From: "Chris Graves"

A trip is being planned for the first week in June, 2006, to cover the old CPRR grade from Wells, Nev. to the Utah State Line. As this is written, we have 6 participants, and would welcome a few more.

To participate in this driving/hiking trip (no hiking required, but some may wish to get more involved in the terrain than do others) you would need, at MINIMUM, at high clearance vehicle; four wheel drive is most helpful, but a two wheel truck most likely would be OK. Those with 4 wheel drive would be expected to haul the two wheelers out of deep sand, should that be needed.

To see what is available to see first hand, go to the webpage "Along the CPRR Old Grade in Nevada."

We will be concentrating on the old grade as it goes through the Pequops, a region of litte rain and no alkalai. This climate makes artifact viewing most interesting, as some of the materials left by the builders are still visable. There are 3 motels in Wells: Motel 6, Super 8, and for those well-heeled, Best Western. Restaurants are fair to middling, with no Five Star steak houses evident on my last visit.

The old grade here is dusty, rough, and chock full of old spikes that seem unusually attracted to rubber tires. A good spare tire is a must; two or three is wise.

For those that would like to obtain relics, there are a few sellers of same in the vicinity.

For more infomation, contact G J Chris Graves at or phone 916 663 3742.