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Purchasing railroad maps

From: "m gross"

I am interested in ... original maps, I may want to purchase. Can you tell me the prices of [railroad maps]? ...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

One map dealer is Art Source International; another is Antique Map Gallery. Original historic railroad maps and reproductions are also frequently sold on

These sources should give you some idea of prices. Lovely large 19th century atlas maps, some hand colored, often are sold in the range of $75-$500 apiece. Maps that are almost never available, obviously can be much more expensive. With an extremely thin and illiquid market, such as this, you should expect wide variations in pricing for the same item. For unique items, the price is whatever someone is willing to pay, just depending on how badly they want to have it. For very important and unique items, you might be bidding against an institution perhaps backed by a very deep pocket donor.

The Pacific Railroad Surveys has a map volume (XI) containing large folded fragile paper black and white maps, but is the hardest volume from this series to find. The Library of Congress has some additional maps from that survey project that are probably unique maps on canvas.

Sometimes nice maps are bound into travel guides, or other books, but you need to verify what is included, as often there are different versions of the book, sometimes with a page size black and white map substituting for a larger folded color map. Often one or more of the nicer maps that were originally included in a book may have been removed from the volume.

Johnson, Mitchell, Cram, or Rand McNally atlas maps may be somewhat easier to find and less expensive than other railroad maps. These can be quite beautiful in color.

The CPRR Museum's railroad map page has many Railroad & Historical Cartography Links that might be helpful.

Links are not merchant endorsements.

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