Friday, May 11, 2007

"Chinese Nationals Forgive and Bless Truckee"

"Chinese Nationals Forgive and Bless Truckee" by Ed Moy, © Asian Week, May 11, 2007. (News Article)

" ... Truckee was notorious for its persecution of its Chinese residents in the late 1800’s. The methods used for running the Chinese out of town became so synonymous with the town, that it became known throughout the state as, 'The Truckee Method.'

According to the Donner Historical Society:

On October 28, 1878, Chinatown was burned down again. This time they were forbidden to rebuild. Amid freezing temperatures, the hungry Chinese population was forced to relocate across the river on land donated by the Central Pacific Railroad.

Crowds cheered as the remains of old Chinatown were torn down. Young boys threw rocks as the homeless Chinese carried their few remaining possessions through town while adults idly stood by. Whites who dared to assist the Chinese were themselves threatened." ... [More]

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