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Chinese who failed to receive recognition

... I am involved in a competition called "National History Day." My project is about the Chinese who worked on the Transcontinental Railroad but failed to receive recognition. ... however, "The Last Spike" painting ... has the two Chinese men in the painting.


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The Chinese railroad workers participated in laying the last rail and did receive recognition. Ging Cui, Wong Fook, and Lee Shao, three of the eight Chinese CPRR workers who brought up the last rail at Promontory Summit on May 10th, 1869 also participated in the Ogden 1919 50th Anniversary Celebration.

A reporter for the San Francisco Newsletter, May 15th, 1869, described the final moments of the celebration at Promontory:

     "J.H. Strobridge, when the work was all over, invited the Chinese who had been brought over from Victory for that purpose, to dine at his boarding car. When they entered, all the guests and officers present cheered them as the chosen representatives of the race which have greatly helped to build the road ... a tribute they well deserved and which evidently gave them much pleasure."

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