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Travel time from Sacramento to Redding, California, c. 1890

From: "Lela Gallentine"

Can you tell me how long it took and the cost in 1890 to go from Sacramento, CA to Redding, CA? I know that the train only traveled at 35 mph, but I'm unsure as to the time it took because of the terrain and stops. And what was typically required to travel that distance? Did people have to supply their own food? Or did they get off the train in towns to dine?

And just so you know, yes, I am writing a book. And yes, your site is getting top billing in the credits. It has already helped me immensely with much of the information I require.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.

—Lela Gallentine


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From: "Larry Mullaly"

Southern Pacific Company Official Time Schedule Number 7, Feb. 5, 1888 shows a passenger train identified as #17 and 20 leaving Sacramento at 10:05 AM arriving at Redding at 4:40 PM a distance of 234 miles. This train went north by way of Davis and Willows on the West Side of the Sacramento River. It had a 20 minute stop at Willows between 1:25 and 1:45 where I assume there was an eating facility but I do not know this as a fact.

There was, however, a number 15 express train taking the East Side Line through Marysville. This train left Sacramento at 9:50 PM arriving in Redding at 4:25 the following morning. This was a through train that originated at Oakland Pier and eventually reached Portland Oregon.

It was common for people to take their own food because dining stops were very short and hectic. One could often buy lunch baskets at major train stations.

Unfortunately, I do not know the cost of the trains.

Best of luck on your book.

—Larry Mullaly

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