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Indians at opening ceremony?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although most of the workers were Chinese, the Central Pacific maintained friendly relations and did employ the local Indians, but not sure if this was done in Utah where Mormon contractors were hired, and whether any of the Indians were present at the May 10, 1869 ceremony. Given the hostilities between the Union Pacific Railroad and the Indians, and the presence of the UPRR at the ceremony, perhaps not.

11/14/2009 12:31 PM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

Actually, yes, Native Americans were present on May 10, 1869 at the joining of the rails ceremony at Promontory Summit, Utah:

"It was certainly a cosmopolitan gathering. Irish and Chinese laborers who had set records in track laying that have never since been equalled joined with the cowboys, Mormons, miners and Indians in celebrating completion of the railroad. There were even some high silk hats among the distinquished visitors from the East and West."

from Eye Witness Tells of "Last Spike" Driving by Earle Health, Associate Editor, Southern Pacific Bulletin, May, 1926.

11/14/2009 12:39 PM  

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