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Road Trip - seeking descendants of Chinese railroad workers

From: "Wong Wei Xiang"

My name is Wei Xiang Wong, a Chinese research volunteer at CAMOC (Chinese American Museum of Chicago). I came across your museum on the internet when I was doing research project on "Chinese contribution to First Transcontinental Railroad." We are going to have a road trip across most part of the Central Transcontinental Railroad in coming months from Sacramento to Golden Spike. During this trip, we hope to interview descendants of Chinese railroad workers, visit Chinese museums, collect items for museum display and also make videos/movies. It is not an easy task to locate these descendants. That is why I am writing to you hoping that you may know some of the descendants and also recommend any place/person of interest that may contribute to the project. ...

—Wei Xiang Wong, MD
Chinese American Museum of Chicago


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From: "Kim Mui"

... I have been volunteering to teach Chinese (Cantonese and Toisan dialects), the dialects spoken by my Cantonese-Toisanese ancestors who were the ones that contributed to the construction of the U.S. Transcontinental Railroad. I volunteer to pay homage to my Chinese ancestors for their contributions and sacrifices and to spread the history, heritage and dialects. Your CPRR website is phenomenal ...


4/06/2014 6:30 PM  
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From: "Wong Wei Xiang"

Thank you so much for your help. A lot of wonderful passionate historian emailed me and has invited us to visit them. Meanwhile, I have read through some of your pages on your online museum and i must say, it is amazing. A lot of information and valuable resources.I am studying the old map from your museum to compare to mine to come up with a trip blueprint. I also looked into satellite images from google map to pin point exact location of railroad. So far, I have no problem except finding railroad tract around the salt lake.

Thank you so much again for your wonderful help and amazing museum. ...


4/13/2014 10:08 PM  
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"Collecting" artifacts on public lands is discouraged by the Antiquities Act of 1906. Strongly urge you to ask landowners permission prior to searching for such items.

4/19/2014 9:52 AM  
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"Trade the road for the trail with this fun Truckee hike."

5/17/2014 11:51 PM  
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See related discussion.

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