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Question: Wayne Station WP

I'm looking for information on a site near San Jose on the old W.P.R.R. (1860'S) by the name of WAYNE STATION....? anything on this old WP-CP, SPCo would be most helpfull...



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From: Hsweetser@aol.com

I don't whether or not Wayne (3.4 miles north of San Jose) was a station on the old WPRR.

As for the SP, the station name doesn't appear on the July 1, 1892 SP Western Division timetable reprinted on pgs. 48-49 of John Signor's "Southern Pacific's Western Division" but does appear on a August 18, 1906 Western Division timetable that I have.

According to what Henry Bender has written of Wayne based on valuation records, it had:

"Depot, 9' x 35' carbody
Freight Shed, 10' x 12' "

Unfortunately, this could be interpreted two ways from Mr. Bender's writing format – either the depot was a carbody or if he was referring to a "carbody Freight Shed" (10 x 12 would be pretty small for a carbody of any type, though). The valuation records indicate the depot was there from 1910 to 1940 while the freight shed was there from 1910 to 1952. However, be aware that dates on valuation records at times are little more than wild guesses and could be years off. One would have to look at SP "List of Officers, Agencies and Stations" documents for this period to determine whether Wayne was an agency station or a telegraph office. Western Division timetables could be used to determine if Wayne had a telegraph office but not if it was an agency. These documents can be found at the Calif. State Railroad Museum Library. It is possible the word "depot" in the valuation records may have been referring only to a shelter shed.

It doesn't appear that the SP ever incorporated the word "Station" in the official name.

—John Sweetser

12/27/2005 8:43 PM  
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From: littlechoochoo81@netzero.net

The first record I found in the station lists was the January 1, 1900 list showing Wayne at mile 48 of the San Jose Branch. It was shown as a class A station which handled carload lots or less but indicated there was no agent at that location. Henry Bender made a thorough study of stations from Valuation records that were compiled from company authorized work orders and Resident Engineer reports. The ICC inventory dates were generally estimated to the nearest 5 year period from 1916 if no actual date was available. If you want to contact Mr. Bender he can be reached at hbender@SBCglobal.net.

—Lynn Farrar

12/28/2005 1:55 PM  
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From: "Larry Mullaly" lmullaly@jeffnet.org

I can add a little to the Wayne Station point. In the January 1881 official list of Central Pacific officers stations and agents it does not appear. However, by 1885 Wayne is listed at milepost 42 consisting of a loading platform on the left side of the track going from San Francisco. In 1896 nothing has changed. In that year it is described as a "class A freight station" capable of handling freight in any quantity carload or less. The more complete collection of agency lists at CSRM could pinpoint change.

—Larry Mullaly

12/31/2005 8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an interest in Wayne Station as my grandfather J. J. O'Brien was the contract agent at Wayne from 1900 to 1915. I have scanned and will send to John Sweetser an article from the San Jose News, May 15, 1928 on Wayne, a letter from 1923 to my grandmother from T.F. Rowlands, Superintendent that refers to the Wayne Agency and lastly a 1973 article on the history of Wayne.My memory of the structure was of a larger freight station than 10'x12'. There is a picture in the article.
Pat O'Brien pobrien@leisuresportsinc.com

12/10/2010 4:15 PM  

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