Thursday, June 01, 2017

Pieces of the last mile(s) of track

From: "Dennis Gray"

While in the Air Force at Hill Air Force Base I was at an award ceremony for Airman of the Year.

A local government, possibly Ogden, gave the winners pen sets made from 1 inch of the original track. The presenter also said that they used to give spikes from the track but that they had run out.

What is the current value of such an item and are they still available?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such Central Pacific Railroad items do sometimes become available and have at least some value which can only be guessed at by looking at comparable sales. But, unless you know the provenance ("the chronology of the ownership, custody or location of a historical object"), it's hard to be sure if what is being sold is genuine.

What we would do is to check recent eBay listings ("advanced" search for completed auctions) every so often to see what something similar might have been sold for recently.

Chris Graves would have been the person to ask about vintage Central Pacific Railroad rail and spikes, but sadly, he passed on several years ago.

6/01/2017 8:17 AM  

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