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Baldwin color specs for Western Pacific Locomotives, 1866

From: "Jim Wilke"

I recently came across notes from the Baldwin paint data books regarding the 1866 Western Pacific locomotives Santa Clara and San Mateo. They are listed as the 12th and 13th 21-1/2 C class, built in August 1866. They were specified to have red wheels and best passenger finish, with the name on the house (cab) in gold leaf.

A third engine, to be named Stockton, was cancelled. It was to have been the 16th 20 1/2 C class engine and was originally ordered with the same finish.

—Jim Wilke

[Note: Name is not spelled Jim Wilkie.]


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Going through copies of original Baldwin records (xeroxes from the microfilm), I confirm that Western Pacific ordered six Baldwin 4-4-0s (clearly noted on the Spec sheet), and then cancelled three, which were diverted (resold) to the Bennington & Rutland. WP did receive three (not two). The locos were as follows:

WP Santa Clara, c/n 1512, class 21 1/2 C 12, trial date 8/25/1866
WP San Mateo, c/n 1513, class 21 1/2 C 13, trial date 8/29/1866
WP Stockton, c/n 1519, class 21 1/2 C 16, trial date 9/25/1866
B&R Luther Park, c/n 1520, class 21 1/2 C 17, trial date 9/28/1866
B&R A, L, Miner, c/n 1527, class 21 1/2 C 21, trial date 10/16/1866
B&R C. G. Lincoln, c.n 1529, class 21 1/2 C 22, trial date10/20/1866

The Register of Engines clearly gives the above information, both in a manuscript volume and in printed form volume (they duplicate each other). However, in a manuscript "List of Engines building by Baldwin" for 1866 – which appears to be the order book – it is pretty clear that locos class 21 1/2 C 21 and 22 were originally supposed to be 21 1/2 C 14 and 15 – they were changed in the book. A couple of other, slightly later, locos received class numbers 21 1/2 C 14 and 15 – these being Warren & Franklin #s 5 & 6, c/n 1514 and 1516.


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Re: Baldwin Records at DeGolyer Library

Baldwin specifications from Degolyer are available on microfilm at a number of other places, including the California State Railroad Museum (or buy your own copy). The microfilm is generally pretty good, but some pages are not as clear as they might be, and a few pages were accidently missed.

Most ... went to DeGolyer. Much of the rest is at Harrisburg. There is some additional Witback Baldwin material that went to Southeastern Louisiana University – notably an extra copy of the Baldwin class lists. Stanford University also has a small Baldwin collection, including a spec book from around 1869-70 (available on microfilm), and also the earlier class list (old system) from the late 1860s through about 1874, when the system changed. The Smithsonian also has a small Baldwin collection, including the Baldwin Order books, and also the Record of Locomotives Constructed - both availabe on microfilm (intermixed). CSRM has a copy of the microfilm, as does the Nevada State Railroad Museum.

—Kyle Wyatt

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