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SP Overland Limited in early 1920s


I'm looking for a typical consist for the Overland Limited on the Southern Pacific in the early 1920s - what would have been pulled by the SP 4-6-2 class P-8 locos across Nevada. The P-8s were built in 1921, and most of them saw initial service pulling trains between Sparks and Ogden.

—Kyle Wyatt


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From: Matthew Fenton

In the mid 1920’s, that is, in the December 1925 edition of the Official Guide, Union Pacific’ lists the consist of the as follows:

No. 1 - Sanfrancisco Overland Ltd. Extra Fare. Daily
Accomodations for seat passengers on Union Pacific and Southern Pacific restricted - consult agent.
Club Car...Chicago (C. &. N. W.) to San Francisco - (barber, valet and bath).
Observation Sleeping Car...Chicago (C. &. N. W.) to San Francisco - Drawing Rooms, Compartments (maid service, hairdreser).
Standard Sleeping Cars ...Chicago (C. &. N. W.) to San Francisco - 6 Compartments, 3 Drawing Rooms.
...Chicago (C. &. N. W.) to San Francisco - 12 Sections, Drawing Room.
Dining Car...Serving all meals, Chicago to San Francisco

Thus, there would have been at least five cars, plus head end baggage, etc. in December 1925.

—Matt Fenton

[from the R&LHS Newsgroup.]

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Thanks for checking. I started my quest by checking several Beebe books, along with Dubin and Kratville. Unfortunately, the trains Jukes photographed in the mid teens appear rather shorter than those of the early 1920s. The Jukes trains are 6-8 cars, while I think the early 1920s trains are closer to 13 cars.

[from the R&LHS Newsgroup.]

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